Today I’m bloody and I’d love to be “just red”.

Last week, I started a new practice of snapping a screenshot of my daily trading p&l and then sending it to my wife.  She’s a kindergarten school teacher so she’s not by my side while trading.

I’ll highlight the closed p&l and send it to her after I’ve called it a day.

Last week she’d reply with things like “you’re awesome!” or “Wow! Good Job!” or “WHOA are you serious…you just made that?”

I don’t do this because of the money or that I’m trying to impress my wife (well maybe I am a bit).

I do this because my wife is my accountability.  We’ve had many deep discussions about the market and my passion for this as a profession.  With so many discussions, she knows that if I lost too much of our money, it’s because I didn’t follow my plan and rules were broken.

Today I lost.

I lost a lot more than my plan and rules allow.

Funny thing being a trader.  It’s truly funny how many times something needs to happen to you before you submit and say “Finally… I respect you Mr. Market”.  Or “ok…I’m never doing that again” and then you do it again a week later.

Had I followed my rules and plan…I could’ve been proud to send my wife that screenshot again today, red or green.  I could have displayed a fine example of discipline.  Because, as I said, it’s not about green or red.

It’s about being able to harness the strangely strong emotions that somehow take over your entire body while in a trade and be okay with the outcome, because you have RULES and you PLANNED!

I didn’t follow my rules nor my pre-market plan.  I abandoned it last minute…and I paid.  I found something else that looked so much more exciting.

Today was the first screenshot that I’ve sent her where I clearly didn’t follow my rules, my system, or my plan.

I didn’t want to send it…but I did.  (she still loves me)

Her response today was “that’s okay, tomorrow is new day”.

That’s right…tomorrow is a new day…thanks babe!

Going forward, accountability be my guide.

  1. Respect my rules.
  2. Follow my system.
  3. Don’t deviate from my plan.

If I’m wrong…I’m wrong.  But I still win…because I followed 1 – 2 and 3.

If the market moves against me, I’m still a winner.  I might be red…but at least I’m not bloody.

Today I’m bloody and I’d love to be “just red”.

Going forward…accountability will equal results.

Trade smart.


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