What’s Happening Now

The search for joy and true life and business contentment continues.

Last week I launched a new podcast and website called 4amEntrepreneur.  The goal is to do something that gets me out of my comfort zone and gives me immense joy.

So far, it’s done its job.  I’m an eternal introvert, so putting myself out there for the world to see on such an open stage is a bit out of my comfort zone.

I’m enjoying the process of leaning, and refining podcasting.  It’s a bit more difficult in ways that I hadn’t imagined, and much easier in others.  For example, I realized I didn’t need a sound studio to produce something of “acceptable” quality, this has been relatively easy to accomplish.  Granted, it’s not NPR quality, but it’s listen-able.

I’ve learned that clicking the record button is much like standing in front of people to speak.  I know this sounds ridiculous, but when “you’re on” – you’re on.  I think I’m growing from episode to episode.

I’m not monetizing the podcast, for now, and not sure of any intention to.  But, if a sponsor came along that I really like and respected (cough cough…Patagonia) I think it would be an honor to promote them.  I just realized, now I know I have a firm stance on advertising and promotion.  If it’s not an honor for me to promote the company, no deal.

Next, I’ve starting outlining and writing on a book I’ve always wanted to pour my thoughts into.  For now I’ll leave the topic from discussion.  Just writing for the world to see (even if most of the world wont’ see) somehow keeps me accountable.

I’ve been too long in a tango with complacency.  Massive action toward something seems to fit the bill for now.

This “now” page is inspired by Derek Sivers.  Check him out at Sivers.org

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